Starting a new blog

This is my very first post. I feel my fingers running over my keyboard finding their way to the right keys. Still, my mind is not sure yet where to begin.

There are already so many blogs out there that it is hard to be original and ‘new’. And since it is hard, I will still try, but also accept if I don’t achieve originality.

This first blog is about my mind flow for starting this blog.

First of all there is this drive to write. I like to write and tell stories. Two things about story-teling that are typical me.

  1. I tell too much context, especially in written stories.
  2. I tell too little context and hop into the clou of the story.

So whether the one or the other is an overcompensating system, I don’t know (yet). Anyways, this drive explains why I started this blog.

Then, during my studies I was in Canada for my internship for 5 months and during that time I also blogged about my experiences, it was to update my family and now I sometimes read it to relive that time. Now I’m working as a PhD candidate in the UK and in The Netherlands. Three elements here are very interesting.

  1. PhD life itself, since I’m in between student and employee. It’s confusing, entertaining and always interesting.
  2. My personal life is now more complicated, but also more adventurous now I live in two places.
  3. The differences between the cultures in the UK and NL, especially now that after voting for the Brexit the UK is not so united anymore.

Now I knew that I wanted to write a blog and what it should be about, I needed a name for my site. And that’s difficult! In the end it became ‘Try the sunny side’, it’s inspiring, uplifting and positive. My first name is Tryntsje (pronounced as Trynche) and I love the sun!

I hope I will be inspiring to you! 🌞



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