Sunday in Cambridge

Since a couple of weeks I am, or I should say “we”,  are living in the UK.

We moved just after the Brexit referendum, a topic that is main subject of conversation and endless source of jokes…


We are living in the idyllic city of Cambridge and are lucky to have space to host guests. My boyfriend and I love to show people around and organise trips, often we call ourselves B&B guided tours. Last week we had our Chinese friend visiting from the Netherlands.


Fun fact #1:

Cambridge is very popular with Chinese students; it is the second nationality at the university. About 1,100 students enrolled are Chinese. The highest nationality is of course students from the UK.


Our Chinese friend already had a Schengen visa, but UK is not part of Schengen, so he had to apply for a UK visa. It resulted in that he paid more money for his visa than his ticket!


After some delay he finally arrived on Saturday night and we decided to explore Cambridge on Sunday. It was a very sunny Sunday!



The map is not so informative… but I’ll explain!


We started our tour by parking our bikes opposite of St. Johns College (1511), which is one of the biggest – and richest – colleges in Cambridge. Using your bike in and around Cambridge is a must – it’s a different blog topic!


Fun fact #2:

Cambridge University consists of 31 colleges. They are all independent and have their own procedures for accepting students. All colleges have their own scarf colour.


Then we walked down St. Johns Street and Trinity Street towards Great St. Mary’s Church — a lot of saints around here..! We climbed the tower and we had some awesome views! And of course I had to share all my built up knowledge with our visiting victim. 😉


Fun fact #3:

All undergraduate students of the Cambridge University should live within 5km of the Great St. Mary’s Church.


We decided then to have a stroll over the market, it is a daily market and you can buy here food, accessories, craftwork, coffee and nice souvenirs. Next to the market is the guildhall with its tourist information center. We continued because I wanted to show St. Bene’t’s Church and The Eagle.


St. Bene’t’s Church is the oldest church in Cambridge, most likely built between 1000 and 1050. The level of this church is lower than the street and this reflects the level of the old city.


Across of St. Bene’t’s Church is The Eagle. This is a very famous pub! Story goes that it is the pub where Watson and Crick came up with the idea of the shape of DNA. For sure, these guys were visiting this pub sometimes, but we can’t know for sure if they really had their idea here. And then there is the discussion if they really discovered the structure or if they were fast enough stealing it…

Another interesting feature of this pub is the ceiling of the bar in the back. In the second world war RAF pilots used to wait here before going on a mission, when they would leave they would write something on the ceiling with candles, lighters or lipstick – how did they get that?

Still it is a nice pub, with a small garden as well.

These pictures I have from google-pictures.

We walked further and got hungry. We went to Fitzbillies for a cake! Nomnom. What better than to have this in a park. So we went to Coe Fen and sat down to eat it.  On the map you can see a little detour on the south side.


After that we walked back and went behind the colleges. It is where you have a great view on the back side of King’s College. King’s College is not the richest or has the most students, but I think it’s the most famous one!


It is so well-known for its location and its chapel. It is as big as a cathedral, but it’s still a chapel.


Fun fact #4:

Because this church building was for personal use, it is called a chapel. Would it have been for communal purposes, you would call it a cathedral or church.


After this long walk we were tired! And we decided to do like the locals: We went to Sainsbury’s supermarket and bought pizza and Pimm’s and lied down in Parker’s Piece.

After we were rested we cycled via the River Cam to Milton and back. It was a very sunny and lovely day! 🌞



* Pictures courtesy of I Baltzakis and H. Zhang, or else stated below the picture.


2 thoughts on “Sunday in Cambridge

  1. doctorsblogging says:

    Very well written post.
    Even your pictures are very awesome. I like the way you have given the funny facts and very well description of univercity.
    Its a good reading for me on the Sunday Morning, here in India 😊


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