Sunray of the day

I am 1 out of 300.000 people in the world who speaks Frisian.

The ones who don’t know about Frisian language; it is the second language of The Netherlands, besides Dutch. It is a minor language, just like Gaelic in Ireland, Welsh in England, almost all countries have one or two minor languages. — Interestingly, many major language speakers are often not even aware of this richness in their own culture.

Frisian is my first language. It is the language of my subconsciousness; I dream in it and I count in it.

To get a feeling for what kind of language Frisian is, I would describe it as a mix between Dutch, German, Danish and English. As a matter of fact it is the language closest related to English in European mainland.

Last year, someone or an organisation had the idea to add Frisian to Google Translate and they organised a Translate Week. I was very enthusiastic! It was a way to secure the existence of my beloved mother tongue. So I entered the Google Translate Community.

What I want to share with you is this compliment I got today from Google:



I spent quite some evenings making and improving translations and it now makes me very happy to get an email of appreciation for it. 🌞



If you want to learn some Frisian yourself; there is a NEW online course on it.

Three weeks to get you from non-speaking to get the basic concepts and know some every day sentences.

Here is the link!

Also, you can try out some sentences on Google Translate.

* Note: not all sentences and words are translated already. When in doubt, you can ask me. 🙂


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