Life changing diet tips to live longer, happier and healthier!

Last week there was quite some commotion about two girls (my age…!) propagating a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. Some of their advice summarised: Start your day with rinsing your mouth with coconut oil and all toxic compounds will disappear, don’t eat avocado, nuts and olive oil at the same time, or don’t eat an egg before a piece of fruit. One of their top pieces of wisdom: ‘egg is the menstruation of a chicken’.

The girls were interviewed in a Dutch quality newspaper (NRC) (Find the article here!). Afterwards I saw a lot of comments and responses on my timeline on Facebook and also in Dutch TV-shows. The best response was from Arjan Lubach in his weekly TV-show “Lubach op Zondag”. All of it is in Dutch, can’t help that. 😉


I am fully aware of all the insecurities that are around about healthy living and healthy eating – and how diet guru’s try to earn money on that! So I will give you some free life changing tips I picked up from watching a very inspirational leader of the weight loss support group “Fat-Fighters”;


Ladies and gentleman, I present the one and only:




Be aware of products that are high in fat

Everyone knows that we should eat products that are low in fat to reduce our intake. Chips are high in fat. Lettuce is high in fat. Exchange ice cream for an ice cube. The final product for the list:


High in fat or low in fat? Anyone? Dust is LOW in fat.



Be aware of products that are craving sensitive

A lot of sugary products will you leave wanting to eat more of it. Make a list of your craving sensitive products so you can avoid them completely in the future. Marjorie’s list? Ice cream, choclit, and cake, cake, CAKE!



Be aware of ways of increase calorie usage



Cut your calories in half

Eat half of what you would normally eat. Make a full meal and only eat half of it. Take a chocolate bar and eat half it. It’s an easy way to reduce calorie intake and – the cool thing – you can eat twice as much!


Push the last few ounces away

When weighing yourself, loose every unnecessary weight like, shoes, jewellery, clothes and – eh – underwear.


Eat a product that is low in carbs, fat and calories

Dust. I mentioned it before, dust. It is the ultimate product to eat; it is low in carbs, low in fat and low in calories. You can eat as much of it as you want!



After being inspired, a tip from me – everyone can do this one!


A flatter belly within three seconds

Breathe in and while you’re breathing out, pull your belly button towards your spine. Do this in front of a mirror to see the instant result. 🌞



Marjorie Dawes is one of the characters of Little Britain.






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